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Hand-made, customised, original music for videos, podcasts, media, advertising, events, or whatever you like. 

Once you purchase music, it's yours and unique, and will never appear anywhere else (unless you want it to!).

Please get in touch for a free quote.

Like one of the samples from our tasting menu? It can be yours, and for a discount. Purchase it, and it's no longer a sample - it's yours, and gets deleted from this website.

All music is gluten-free and ethically sourced.

Music has been used on the Danish & O'Neill Podcast, the Andrew Dewitt Show, and the Sweet Feathery Jesus Podcast. Creator, writer and presenter of the Reading Latin Poetry Podcast. Contributor and part-time host of the Sweet Feathery Jesus Podcast

misc. & ETC.



You can be as specific or not as you like, from “around 10 minutes” to “8mins, 53.5seconds”.


Happy? Sad? Nostalgic? Hopeful? Any other adjective?


Shifting mood? Progressing from happy to sad, or from adjective x to adjective y?


If you send me your video, I’m happy to customise it and co-ordinate music changes (tempo, mood, etc) with film shots and edits. I'm also happy to collaborate to ensure the right fit.


From a single guitar track (sparse and lovely) to a full ensemble of different string instruments (see below).

Special Requests

My bread and butter is guitars of different varieties. Vocals and or/lyrics if you like, or straight instrumental, or any combination. Do you like banjo? Ukulele? 12-string guitars? Wind instruments? Percussion? A mix of different instruments? Just ask.


Quotes are based on duration and complexity of the music. Music with more changes, more customisation and more tracks (e.g., many instruments at once). 

Quotes are free, and obligation free.

Get in touch for a free quote.